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Authors: Joan O’Sullivan, J.D.
Co-Editors: Virginia Rowthorn, J.D. Ellen A. Callegary, J.D.

2011 Edition Handbook Co-Editors A Joint Publication of the University of Maryland Francis King Carey School of Law’s Law & Health Care Program and the Maryland State Bar Association

Guardianship Handbook in English & Spanish

Many questions come to mind when we realize that a loved one or someone we know cannot care for herself or make necessary decisions. This Handbook is designed to help you find the answers to these difficult questions. It discusses the law of adult guardianship in Maryland and explains when a guardian can be appointed to act for a person who lacks the capacity to make decisions for herself or himself. But maybe more importantly, the Handbook lists many alternatives to a formal guardianship proceeding that may be more appropriate and less expensive than a formal guardianship.