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presenters: Ellen A. Callegary, Esq. & James F. Silver, Esq.
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Unravel the Complexities of Special Education Laws

The laws governing special education interact in confusing and sometimes contradictory ways, yet it is crucial that schools have a firm understanding of them in order to protect the rights of students and avoid legal difficulties. This comprehensive, two-day seminar lays out all the essential requirements surrounding IEP development, discipline procedures, due process hearing requirements and more. Let our experienced faculty highlight the mistakes other schools have made, so you can ensure your school properly delivers legally appropriate special education services that help students succeed – register today!

  • Create legally defensible paper trails that record every step of the special education service eligibility process.
  • Properly document difficult situations where parents are unable – or even refuse – to attend IEP meetings.
  • Confidently determine if a student needs an IEP or a 504 plan, and avoid critical legal mistakes.
  • Create behavioral intervention plans (BIPs) that properly take into account the information contained in functional behavioral assessments (FBAs).
  • Ensure special needs students’ educational rights are protected in cases of suspension or expulsion.
  • Evaluate whether moving bullied special needs students to safer environments has the potential to create serious legal difficulties.